How many weeks until Spring?

Groundhog DayGroundhog's day is traditionally February 2nd each year. This long time event is held in Pennsylvania, and is a social event featuring food and beverages, guest speakers, and several skits are performed for entertainment. The main attraction, however, is a small furry animal who will predict the future, or our fate, as to when Spring will or will not come.

Contrary to what I'm pretty sure I was led to believe in grade school, if the ground hog comes out of the burrow and its cloudy - we will have an early spring. BUT if the groundhog comes out and it's sunny, he will see his shadow and run for the hills,  because winter is here for SIX MORE WEEKS!!

Needless to say, (I don't know about you) but I feel like this should be reversed. 1, wouldn't you want to see sun, because that means its warm and spring is here?!
Regardless, I hope its a cloudy, gloomy, day on February 2nd, so that Spring can hurry up and I can come out of hibernation.

(Then it must quickly get sunny again for February 3rd, because we have Super Bowl Parties lined up!!)

Now since I know all of you are just like me, and looking for any excuse to have a party and/or make some type of food. I have included some great Groundhog's day treats that you can make at home!! Enjoy...


And of course, kid friendly,


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